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These are some genuine comments from some of Wendy's satisfied customers:

Upon arriving at Wendy's I was greeted with a lovely warm smile and immediately felt welcomed. The treatment room is very calming and full of natural light and makes you feel at peace... the blinds are closed for the treatment but you still have the feeling of natural light in the room. Wendy was very easy to talk to and just makes you feel completely at ease, the treatment was explained in depth and you can feel the passion Wendy has for her job. Before the treatment started I was given a gown and socks to change into, the socks are such a lovely personal touch :) I felt totally safe and secure with my treatment and Wendy made sure that I was always comfortable. After the treatment I was given some excellent self care advice and I will definately be back after Christmas. Thank you Wendy.

Claire, Redditch

Hello Wendy, Yesterday I saw my GP for results for my scans and x-ray's. The first as you know was about 4-5 months ago and showed a mass of calcified poo. I don't know how to thank you there is now no poo just a mass high up on the intestine which will have to be removed by colonics and it is just poo as long as I have seasonal colonics i'm going to be ok. I am over the moon you have saved me from a major operation. Thank you. Thank you so so much.

Mrs M B, Redditch

Hi Wendy. I just wanted to email you and say thank you so much for today. I can't tell you how better I feel already emotionally and physically. You have been an absolute saving grace and I am so pleased I have met you, particularly at such a difficult time in my life. I will definitely recommend you to my friends if that is ok with you as they are desperate to meet you for all kinds of different reasons. Thank you again for your kindness, time and understanding. I really appreciate it. Will let you know how everything goes and look forward to seeing you again in the next four weeks. Lots of love.

Mrs E L, Solihull

Hello Wendy. Thank you for all your care and skill, you have changed my life and I will be forever be grateful. I have never felt better.

M B, Solihull

Hi Wendy. Just wanted to say thank you for my treatment this evening, you made me feel at ease and explained everything well.

T G, Worcestershire

Am amazed! I had the best night's sleep in over seven months! No anxiety at all and no sleep tablets! Also getting rid of loads of water retention.

C L, Henley in Arden

Thanks again for making the experience a good one, and putting me at ease. I found your manner very reassuring and the surroundings very relaxing. I have recommended you to my friend I told you about, she is worried about you seeing her bottom! but I have reassured her that my modesty was maintained at all times! and besides she's had kids, like myself! Anyway I shall keep spreading the word and hopefully see you again in the near future.

Mrs J L, Redditch

Hi Wendy. Hope you're feeling as well as I am! Can't believe how good I'm feeling just three day's after you treated me, I have loads more energy, I've lost that lethargic feeling, no more bloated feeling in my tum and a lot less rumbling too. I'm sleeping much better and don't get up every couple of hours to go to the loo, should have had this treatment years ago.

Stef, Redditch

I would like to thank you for your kind and professional assistance. I am very pleased and happy. Surely I'll be back soon to warmly greet.

Mr L N, Redditch

Wendy, just a quick email to thank you for yesterday. Whilst it's early days I have felt so much better following the treatment and have felt a bit more human at last. Will try take your advice and drink more water and cut down on the bread, not sure how I will get on with that one! The information during the session I found new and very useful. Thanks for putting me at ease when I came it made the whole thing less daunting. If it's ok I will get in touch in about a month for a follow up appointment. Many thanks.

Mr P, Bedfordshire

Thank you so much Wendy for our meeting on Monday. l realy feel good and it is all down to your hard work. Thank you again for your kindness and understanding. See you soon love Hazel.

Hazel, Kidderminster

Thanks for an amazing experience, Wendy. As well as professional, you are so kind and warm and caring you made the whole thing rather enjoyable! With gratitude.

JB, Catherine De Barnes

Well where do I start with telling you about the wonderful woman Wendy? I first made contact two days before New Year's eve in panic about fitting into the little black dress. It was my final resort... no time to lose the little 'buddha pot' which had materialised over Christmas.

From that first call Wendy put me at complete ease and any trepidation I had had about venturing into the world of colonic treatments had magically disappeared as her calm friendly voice washed over me. I put the phone down strangely looking forward to my colonic hydrotherapy treatment.

'C' day arrived and on drive there worry set in about what I had signed up for, this quickly dissipated when I pulled up and there is Wendy ready to greet you smiling, welcoming you into her beautiful treatment room.

Wendy has a beautiful soul which instantly puts you at ease and relaxed, that you really don't notice the treatment happening.

Afterwards you leave feeling as though you have been given a gift. I felt years younger, calmer but full of energy. I felt more comfortable in my clothes and would heartily recommend this treatment to anyone who stands still long enough!

I have noticed that my skin is much clearer and people have commented I look radiant after the treatment.

I am a huge fan of most pampering treatments, but would have to admit this treatment left me feeling better for longer than any other I have received (any believe me there have been many!).

Ms E S, Redditch

Wendy, I know this email is a little on the early side but I have been awake since 5am after having one of the best nights sleep in ages (no back ache, wind or discomfort). I woke up fealing totally refreshed and raring to go!

I am in the middle of spring cleaning with everything smelling of Flash, nearly forgot to have my sweetcorn but managed to eat three desert spoons full about 9.30pm last night. Had my first poo at 6.30am (10 mins ago) and hey presto there was the sweetcorn - that's approx 9 hours to my reckoning. It was a very soft one although this is probably down to the water intake.

Thank you for yesterday I felt totally at ease and enjoyed it. I will definately be having more and singing your praises!

Mrs Y S, Redditch

Hi Wendy. Enjoyed meeting with you and having my colonic the other day. My corn took 24 hours to go through me but my stools are looking perfect! My stomach is flatter and firmer and I lost about 8lbs, so I am well happy with the results.

My partner is eating live yogurt in preparation for her colonic which I will book in a few weeks. I look forward to my next colonic, and thank you for your warm welcome and comfortable procedure. Best wishes.

Mr Edd, Birmingham

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